Improve Your Smile–Fast!

Improve Your Smile–Fast!

Over the past few decades, many advancements have been made in the dental field. New tools have helped dentists better perform their job, new technologies have made diagnosis easier, and fast braces have completely changed the field of orthodontics. Despite being invented over 25 years ago, many people do not know that fast braces exist as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

The advantage of fast braces lies in its unique triangular bracket design. Traditional metal braces use square metal braces that are cemented to the teeth and connected with a wire, while fast braces use triangular brackets that are slightly smaller than the square counterpart. The wire used to connect smart braces us a super elastic square wire.

The way that traditional metal braces straightened teeth was to start with the visible part of the tooth and then later focus on getting the roots of the teeth into position. However, the unique triangular design of the fast braces’ brackets allows more pressure to be put on the bracket which moves the tooth into place faster and also moves the root of the tooth into place faster. This is a huge advantage and can greatly cut down the amount of time someone has to wear braces.

A common misconception about fast braces is that they are more painful. People equate more pressure and quicker teeth movement to feel worse, but University research has proven the opposite. The shape and positioning can actually cause less sensitivity. With a shorter time wearing them, this can equate to less visits to the orthodontists and an overall savings as well. With so many positive points, fast braces are a clear choice for improving your smile fast!

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