How to treat gum disease?

How to treat gum disease?

The problem with the way people treat oral hygiene is that there is a lot of awareness around how to keep your teeth clean and healthy. What most people miss out upon is realizing the fact that keeping your gums clean is equally important. So, the experts from Edinburg Family Dentistry have created this essential guide for you to take care of your gums, just the way you take care of your teeth.

What is gum disease?

If your gums are unable to perform their duty of keeping your teeth in the perfect place by withholding their roots and hence resulting in loose teeth, it is clear that you are experiencing some form of a gum disease.

Bad breath

One of the earliest signs of a prevailing gum disease in your mouth is a pungent smell, or bad breath. Many people get socially awkward when they realise they have bad breath; instead they should feel alarmed about it and get their gums checked at the earliest.

Swollen, red gums

Most people start noticing changes in their gums only when they start swelling or turning red. This is an early sign showing gum problems. You might even start experiencing pain in your gums at this stage and hence should visit your dentist at the earliest possible.

Bleeding gums after you brush

Have you noticed blood right after you have brushed your teeth? Although this may cause panic for certain people, it is a mere symptom of a gum disease and is curable. It is highly recommended that you visit your dentist as early as possible and get the gum disease diagnosed.

Shrinking gums

This specific symptom of a gum disease takes time to be noticed, since it does not cause immediate problem. It is recommended that you use the back of your tooth brush to massage your gums once in a while and keep a check on your gum’s shape and size. This way, you will know early on if your gums are shrinking.

If you are thinking of staying ahead of the game, you should be focusing on preventive measures. These preventive measures start with getting the right exam followed by the right treatment at the right time.

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