Full & Partial Dentures

There are many ways to lose teeth such as decay, injury, or gum disease, and dentures are the most basic and helpful solution for replacing a tooth or many teeth.

Reasons for Dentures

There are many reasons to get dentures. While many people think of the more cosmetic reason of having a complete smile, there are other reasons for getting dentures that are necessary and helpful:

  • Less expensive than dental implants
  • Improved speech when compared to not wearing dentures
  • Wearer can eat normally
  • Fills out the face to prevent facial sagging which can give an aged appearance

Dentures are also used for many who are planning to get dental implants in the future.

Candidates for Dental Implants & Dentures

Certain patients are not able to get dental implants due to health issues like diabetes and gum disease. Dentures are a perfect alternative and can work in similar ways to implants by not allowing the surrounding teeth to start spreading.

Are you missing a tooth or teeth and want to discuss the options available to you? Give us at Edinburg Family Dentistry a call to see if dentures are right for you! With both full and partial denture options available, we are sure to find a way to get you smiling again.

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