5 Dental Issues Common in People Over 50

5 Dental Issues Common in People Over 50

As we grow older, so does every system in our body. Unfortunately, as we age more and more things start going wrong. The same goes for your teeth. Thankfully, you can mitigate some of these problems by being diligent with your oral health.

Tooth Decay Risk Increases

As you age, the roots of your teeth become more exposed, and the base can become softer. These factors make it more likely for cavities to nest near the base or root of your teeth.

Dry Mouth Is a Common Problem

The older we become, the more medications we may need to take. An excess of medications as well as natural hormone shifts can cause dry mouth to be an aspect of everyday life. Saliva is one of the most important warriors that fight against tooth decay and disease, so a lack of it can be dangerous. You can increase your saliva production and protect your teeth by chewing plenty of sugar-free gum and drinking plenty of water.

Gum Disease Is the Common Cause Of Tooth Loss

If gingivitis is left untreated, this can lead to periodontitis. Pockets are created in the gums and bacteria colonizes those pockets. Once the decay of the gums gets too far, this is the most common

Oral Cancer Risk Goes Up

Heavy drinking and smoking drastically increase oral cancer risk, especially over time. The thing about oral cancer risk, though, is that whether or not you drink or smoke, your risk goes up as you age. It’s important to regularly be screened for oral cancer, especially if you are high risk.

Crowded Teeth Make Dental Health More Difficult

Over time, teeth may begin to shift around a little. Although this is normal, it makes taking care of those teeth ever more difficult. Flossing and brushing suddenly becomes a struggle. Food is more likely to get stuck in between your teeth and stay there, breeding bacteria.

Pass this message on to someone you care about! Dental health is no joke. If you know what can happen, you will be more able to combat the issues you might face.

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